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Nicole Courtney, Helpdesk Assistant shares her career story…


I started working for Kilmal in June 2017. Before this I had been working at a children’s soft play centre from the age of 17, most recently being in a managerial role in the kitchen. Though this is a completely different setting, ensuring customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of both roles.

I wanted to further my experience and career when I started at Kilmal, there has been a lot to learn along the way this being a trade I had no knowledge of.

I can now happily say I am able to manage the Kilmal helpdesk with confidence.

What does your current role with the business involve?

My role covers the daily management of the Kilmal helpdesk. I manage all queries as they come into the business and log them onto our management system. I can then discuss the actions with the team to ensure our customers get timely responses. My work also includes keeping the back office management system up to date, this then leads on to how we manage our engineers and actions within the business.

Describe your own style of management?

I think its important to discuss as a team the business actions and listen to others. Usually I manage the engineers on a daily basis we discuss at the beginning of each week ideas to make the next week more efficient. We all have the same goal, to deliver a service we are proud of to our customers, team work to make this happen is important.

Why is the Helpdesk so important to our customers?

The helpdesk is a central hub for our customers to direct all of their queries to, this gives a sense of reassurance that their request will be picked up and managed. It is essentially the start and finish of every request. The helpdesk logs any requests onto our specialist management system and follows this through to completion, whether the completed product is a quotation, a job report or anything else in between.

What is the best part of your job?

Developing relationships with customers and helping them by managing their queries quickly and efficiently is the best part of my job. Also I enjoy being able to develop our ways of working, we use a specialist management system which during my time at Kilmal I have got to know the ins and outs of and improve the way we deliver certain aspects of the business. I have most recently taken part in some online tutorials to further develop our ways of working.

What sets Kilmal apart from the competition in terms of customer service?

Our management system sets us apart, this enables us to completely manage a job from start to finish. We can in real time see where engineers are enabling us to give a realistic time of arrival. All of our engineers have a tablet which they complete a job report on with pictures and a description of the work carried out. This then gets sent automatically upon completion of the job taking pressure off our customers.

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